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True FLOW Yoga: Brynn's Vision

The purpose of yoga is not just to make an individual feel better, but also to make the world a better place by bringing more consciousness and compassion into it, one yogi at a time.

I founded True FLOW Yoga in 2008 with the belief that there is more than one right answer. My eclectic style of teaching encourages students to look inward to discover their own Truth.  Drawing on a broad base of wisdom from varying yogic traditions, I explore new topics and methods regularly in my classes in order to de-mystify the practice of yoga and to expose practitioners to its multitude of layers.  My unique vinyasa flow sequences synchronize breath with movement, giving equal attention to both strengthening and stretching in order to create a balanced body.  Classes are characterized by anatomical precision, philosophical eloquence and spiritual curiosity.  Guided into ease, practitioners easily challenge their boundaries and leave with a renewed feeling of invigoration and awareness. 


In addition my regular classes & workshops, I also offer the affordable bliss of all-inclusive yoga retreats in the most beautiful places in the world and 200-hour yoga teacher training in intimate, small-group environments.



Brynn Rybacek, True Flow Yoga

Brynn Rybacek, E-RYT

Brynn's Journey

As Valedictorian of my high school and top of my Chapman University graduating class, it may seem strange that I have chosen yoga as my full-time job, but I have been a lover of yoga since age 11 when I stumbled upon my first yoga book.

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