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"Brynn is not as much a guide as she is a reference. Rather than set forth her path for you to follow, she offers a map to allow you to find your choice of destination and route. She has such a broad passion for yoga that her students are exposed to all that yoga has to offer whether that be in regard to styles of yoga, forms of practices and poses, or the spiritual aspects of yoga. Yoga can be anything from stretching exercises to a restorative meditation to a way of life. Brynn is a teacher in the most classical sense in that she has the depth of knowledge and humility to facilitate getting from yoga that which each student needs and wants. It is a privilege every time I am able to practice with her." ~ Kogan Bao

"Your unconditional love and support has been a constant source of strength and inspiration to me since I huffed and puffed my way through my first practice. You have given me a treasure more valuable than gold or diamonds. Thank you, Brynn."
~ Carol Shelby

In Brynn's yoga class, I can clear my mind and be fully guided by her as she takes me on an enjoyable yoga journey. Her class is challenging yet therapeutic. My body and spirit become very happy after each of her classes. I would recommend her to anybody for any level." ~ Misa

"My husband and I have been practicing yoga with Brynn for 4 years and find her classes to perfectly balance a physical, mental, and spiritual challenge. Her teaching style has allowed us to progress from novices to more experienced students, and we always are finding new and subtle ways to improve through her thoughtful and precise instructions. It is truly a joy to experience yoga with Brynn." ~ Blake Bullock 

"We have Yoga classes at work once a week during a lunch break and were truly lucky to have Brynn assigned as the instructor. Her teaching method keeps us focused throughout the session, yet provides a sense of relaxation at the same time. I was new to Yoga but with her attention to each student's abilities, I've been able to steadily grow in the practice. It is not an overnight transformation, but for someone nearing her mid-50's, it has improved my overall flexibility which will continue to progress as I work on my practice. Having the opportunity to have the classes on site, during the work day, just makes it so convenient!" ~ Margie


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Brynn Rybacek, True Flow Yoga

Brynn Rybacek, E-RYT

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Kalani Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii

Big Island, Hawaii
April 6-11, 2010

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