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I understand that the total cost for TRUE FLOW YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is $3199 ($2999 for early registration students who sign up prior to November 7, 2019) and by clicking Yes on this form I have agreed to pay this amount in full no later than March 7, 2020. I understand that if for any reason (medical, personal, or otherwise) I choose to drop out of the training after November 7, 2019, I will still be held accountable for paying for the training in full by March 7, 2020. In order to maintain my space in the training, I agree to make my first monthly payment no later than December 7, 2019 and recognize that should I not make this payment on time, I may be automatically dropped from the training. I understand that my $499 deposit is non-refundable, unless for any reason the training is cancelled. Should I choose to drop the training before November 7, 2019 only my deposit will be held and the remainder of my payment will be reimbursed to me. *
I understand that True FLOW Yoga cannot certify my completion of this training unless I have been present for at least 180 hours of in-class time per Yoga Alliance guidelines. I recognize that if I miss classes, it will be my responsibility to make these hours up as advised by Brynn Rybacek Yniguez. Sometimes it is possible to make up hours during a future training session or during private lessons; however, I understand that if I choose to make up these hours outside my regularly scheduled training session, this may entail an additional cost. *
I am in good general overall health and feel physically capable and ready to engage in physical yoga movement. I recognize the possible risks and the chance of injury involved in any physical exercise and hereby take responsibility for determining my own level of participation and take full responsibility for my own health and safety. By clicking Yes on this form, I agree to not to hold Brynn Rybacek Yniguez or True FLOW Yoga responsible for any injuries that may take place during my training.
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