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True FLOW Yoga RETREATS are hassle-free, healthy vacations in ideal locations. If you are looking for a chance to step outside of your habitual patterns and stresses, to experience the natural beauty and bounty of the earth and your Self, and to reside among a supportive group of like-minded individuals in one of the most picturesque places in the world, while strengthening your body and mind, then you are ready for a True Flow Yoga Retreat! These Yoga Retreats present the perfect time and location for participants to deepen their yoga practices, to re-assert healthy lifestyle choices, to mentally prepare for transitions in life, to re-assess their goals and dreams, and to meet wonderful people in an authentic way. True Flow Yoga independently handles the research and organization for each trip, cutting out the expensive middlemen, and passing the savings on to you, so that we can offer you the BEST retreats in the BEST locations at the BEST prices! View the Gallery for photos from past retreats.


Find out what past participants are saying about TrueFlowYoga Retreats..


“For me, this was exactly what I had hoped for in such an amazing place. Brynn, you’ve achieved the balance between lightheartedness and discipline while accommodating folks like me with limitations.  I felt a part of a special family. Thank you so much.” ~ Valerie (Kanab, UT)


“The live music was a major highlight on the Hawaii yoga retreat, as were the yin sessions! The people involved were fabulous and overall the yoga instruction couldn't have been better.  I think you have found the perfect balance between teaching your class vocally and demonstratively. Thank you for such a wonderful time!” Ben (Seattle, WA)


I have attended two yoga retreats put on by Brynn in Santa Barbara and Hawaii. Both times, I was impressed by her broad knowledge, skill and experience as a yoga teacher as well as the obvious care, dedication and creativity she put into each and every detail of the the retreat curriculum.  From the two daily yoga classes, live music during the afternoon classes, and the drum circle and gong bath in the evening, I was energized and rejuvenated each time.   Brynn's love of yoga and her spirituality are expressed gracefully in her classes which are both physically challenging as well as soulful.  I am looking forward to the next retreat! ~ Tracy Myers (Long Beach, CA)

 "I've just completed the 5 day Yoga and Live Music retreat with Brynn at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center in Hawaii.What an amazing week! My soul had been crying out for a break from the "day to day" and I knew that some vigorous yoga combined with rest and relaxation in a beautiful setting would be just the ticket. This retreat delivered all that and so much more. Brynn's yoga instruction itself was truly some of the best that I've received in my more than six years of hatha yoga practice.But it was her wonderful spirit and warm heart that took the week to a higher level. She created a safe and supportive environment in which everyone, from beginner to advanced, could find their sweet spot and truly release into the experience of peace and well-being that yoga offers. By the end of the first full day, I saw smiles all around as each person seemed to be easing into their practice and also into the feeling of connection with the group. By the last day, none of us wanted to leave."~ Jeff Harris (Winnetka, CA)


“I could not have picked a better place or instructor for my first yoga retreat. It was a wonderful experience.” ~ Renee Dials (Mobile, AL)


"I went on Brynn's yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Mexico. Brynn did an amazing job of picking great locations and organizing memorable retreats. Brynn is a dedicated teacher for both experienced and beginner yogis on her retreats. Her ability to combine the physical and spiritual side of yoga is top notch in my experience with yoga teachers! I look forward to future retreats at international destinations with Brynn for years to come. I did not know Brynn before going on her retreats and my experience was far above my greatest expectations. Thanks for everything Brynn!" ~ Joe Polowczuk (New York, NY)


My first yoga retreat!

"I was so lucky to have my first yoga retreat led, organized, and taught by Brynn Rybacek. It was beyond my expectations! I had such great time that although it’s a yoga retreat, it was one of best vacations I have ever had. Here is why:


Her choice of yoga retreat place was excellent. It was oceanfront high-class villas and bungalows with oceanfront open yoga studio in a small village in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica. The villas were very clean and the villas staff was very friendly and the services were excellent. The two meals a day arrangement after each yoga practice was excellent. The meals were comparable to high-end restaurants in Orange County, California and eating meals with fellow yogis was heart-warming; it felt like being with family. P.S. The Chef was from Italy and moved to a small village for quality of life!

Yoga Practice

I met Brynn Rybacek through Equinox yoga teacher training as I was required to attend classes by only E-RYT yoga teachers and she is one of the few in Orange County. As soon as I took my first class with her, she became my favorite and only Ashtanga/Vinyasa/Hatha yoga teacher. Her class sequences are very well-developed so that my body and mind feel invigorated and calm afterwards, like how you would feel after a massage.

Needless to say, her classes at the yoga retreat went beyond her normal classes back home. We meditated on the beach barefoot, practiced yoga with live music, experienced great physical adjustments, had a session of learning Thai Yoga Massage and more. It’s hard for me to paint the picture for you. You have to experience to know. In a nutshell, Brynn is the most talented/passionate yoga teacher I have encountered and she is the only yoga teacher I know who focuses equally on both the body (well-developed sequences) and mind (quotes from Buddha, Mother Teresa etc.). She provides you with the full spectrum of what yoga is all about! After her class, you will experience a unity of mind, body and spirit – a state of bliss and harmony in yourself.


Brynn Rybacek did a very good job in coordinating/introducing yogis to each other. I was there by myself and I didn’t feel left out at all. I had really good times with my fellow yogis. They are high-caliber, nice people – maybe it’s due to practicing yoga with Brynn." – Wendy Tsai (Orange County, CA)





Past Retreats


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, March 3-8, 2014 at Pranamar Resort 

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Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, April 10-15, 2012 at Pranamar Resort 

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See photos from our trip!


Big Island, Hawaii, April 6-11, 2010 at Kalani Retreat Center

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See photos from our trip!


Santa Barbara, California, September 24-27, 2009 at White Lotus Retreat Center

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See photos from our trip!


Troncones, Mexico, May 1-6, 2009 at Present Moment Retreat Center

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See photos from our trip!


Montezuma, Costa Rica, November 2-8, 2008 at Hotel los Mangos

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