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Typical Day on a yoga retreat

Never been on a Yoga Vacation and wondering what to expect?

Imagine this: Wake in the morning the beauty of nature all around you. Stroll down to the open-air restaurant for a delicious morning smoothie before taking a leisurely walk on the beach. Head over to the spacious, open-air yoga shala for an invigorating morning yoga session led by Brynn. Spend your afternoon riding world-class waves or taking your first surf lesson, indulging in a massage, ATV'ing through town, horseback riding on the beach, hiking in Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, relaxing in the pool, or reading a good book in your hammock. Then meet back to the yoga shala for a restorative evening yoga session complete with guided meditations and breath work. Saunter back to the restaurant to laugh and converse in the company of your new friends over a glass of wine and gourmet dinner prepared with fresh local ingredients. Finally, return to your luxurious room for a restful night’s sleep, filled with feelings of gratitude.

In a place where your biggest decision of the day will be: “Should I get a massage today or read by the pool?” you will easily find yourself slowing down and moving into a state of calm reflection. Spending a week so close to nature allows our minds to detoxify from the effects of the constant inundation of media and technology and gives us the opportunity to re-connect to the most essential and true nature of ourselves.

Past Retreats

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, March 5-10, 2018 at Pranamar Resort

Sukawati, Bali, April 24-20, 2017 at Floating Leaf Eco-Luxury Resort

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, February 22-27, 2016 at Pranamar Resort

Makawao, Maui, April 27 - May 2, 2015 at Lumeria Retreat Center - PDF

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, March 3-8, 2014 at Pranamar Resort

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, April 10-15, 2012 at Pranamar Resort  - PDF

Big Island, Hawaii, April 6-11, 2010 at Kalani Retreat Center - PDF

Santa Barbara, California, September 24-27, 2009 at White Lotus Retreat Center - PDF

Troncones, Mexico, May 1-6, 2009 at Present Moment Retreat Center - PDF

Montezuma, Costa Rica, November 2008 at Hotel Los Mangos

"I've just completed the 5 day Yoga and Live Music retreat with Brynn at the Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center in Hawaii. What an Amazing week! My soul had been crying out for a break from the "day to day" and I knew that some vigorous yoga combined with rest and relaxation in a beautiful setting would be just the ticket. This retreat delivered all that and somuch m ore. Brynn's yoga instruction itself was truly some of the best that I've received in my more than six years of hatha yoga practice.But it was her wonderful spirit and warm heart that took the week to a higher level. She created a safe and supportive environment in which everyone, from beginner to advanced, could find their sweet spot and truly release into the experience of peace and well-being that yoga offers. By the end of the first full day, I saw smiles all around as each person seemed to be easing into their practice and also into the feeling of connection with the group. By the last day, none of us wanted to leave." - Jeff Harris (Winnetka, CA)

 “Amazing Maui Retreat!! It was a true pleasure and gift to spend the week in Maui with Brynn and nineteen other amazing yogis!!  The daily practices were well thought out and the intention seemed to speak directly to me - to where I was at - and then lead me to a better place inside and out. The grounds at Lumeria Resort were amazing and definitely contributed to the mellow energy.  The meals were locally harvested and super tasty. Most of all Brynn is an amazing and beautiful soul.  If you have a chance to attend a class or lucky enough to attend a retreat - you will be inspired.” - Beth Kawaja (Newport Beach, CA)

"I have attended two yoga retreats put on by Brynn in Santa Barbara and Hawaii. Both times, I was impressed by her broad knowledge, skill and experience as a yoga teacher as well as the obvious care, dedication and creativity she put into each and every detail of the the retreat curriculum.  From the two daily yoga classes, live music during the afternoon classes, and the drum circle and gong bath in the evening, I was energized and rejuvenated each time.   Brynn's love of yoga and her spirituality are expressed gracefully in her classes which are both physically challenging as well as soulful.  I am looking forward to the next retreat!" - Tracy Myers (Long Beach, CA)

“I could not have picked a better place or instructor for my first yoga retreat. It was a wonderful experience.” - Renee Dials (Mobile, AL)

"I went on Brynn's yoga retreats in Costa Rica and Mexico. Brynn did an amazing job of picking great locations and organizing memorable retreats. Brynn is a dedicated teacher for both experienced and beginner yogis on her retreats. Her ability to combine the physical and spiritual side of yoga is top notch in my experience with yoga teachers! I look forward to future retreats at international destinations with Brynn for years to come. I did not know Brynn before going on her retreats and my experience was far above my greatest expectations. Thanks for everything Brynn!" - Joe Polowczuk (New York, NY)

“For me, this was exactly what I had hoped for in such an amazing place. Brynn, you’ve achieved the balance between lightheartedness and discipline while accommodating folks like me with limitations.  I felt a part of a special family. Thank you so much.” - Valerie (Kanab, UT)

“Brynn is fantastic.  I just returned from her retreat in Costa Rica after taking her classes for years at Equinox.  To say the least, it was a phenomenal experience.  She took so much time to prepare for each class and to make sure that everything was smooth.  We had live music, meditation, flow yoga, yin yoga, and much much more.  I cannot wait until her next retreat.  When you meet Brynn it is obvious that she is extremely passionate.  Her depth of knowledge is honestly outstanding.  Her explanations, personality and style all combine for a great practice.  I highly recommend her to people of all levels.“ - Aaron Kosins (Newport Beach, CA)