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Deepen your yoga practice, embrace your True Self, and become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) certified at the 200-hour level through the most affordable and intimate Teacher Training program in Orange County! True Flow Yoga's Teacher Training schedule is designed around normal work and school hours so that you do not have to give up what you already do to pursue your dreams. 


About True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training

True FLOW Yoga teacher training was created to fill the need for a return to the ancient tradition of transmitting physical, mental, and spiritual yogic knowledge from teacher to student in an intimate setting. Yoga training, like so many other things in our society today, has become a corporate enterprise, a big and popular money-making business. This often means that authenticity and individualized attention are traded for more students and more profit. Because True Flow accepts only a few students at one time (10 students maximum), each student is viewed and guided on a personal, one-on-one basis.


Teaching philosophy & approach

"True teachers use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.” ~ Nikos Kazantzakis

True FLOW Yoga was founded under the assumption that there is more than one right answer. Therefore, various styles of yoga including but not limited to Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Restorative, and Yin will be discussed and explored. Students will be encouraged to see Truth in all its forms and to practice and teach in the way that most genuinely moves them.

In this non-dogmatic training, a broad overview of yoga’s many layers will be revealed. Students will be encouraged to pick and choose only that which rings true from this tremendous wealth of knowledge. Finally, they will use this wisdom to make their yoga practice and teaching their own.


Delve deeper into your practice

Although this training is ideal for someone who wishes to teach yoga, it is not solely for that purpose. Many people who have been practicing yoga for a while and see countless benefits from their practice inevitably desire to delve deeper into their understanding of yoga. They realize that there is a limit to how much they can learn from a led group yoga class. Reading about yoga and talking to others about it is a great start, but it is no replacement for the traditional individual teacher-student relationship. There is no college course or community class where you will learn all that you learn in a yoga teacher training program. It will change your life and the way that you view your place in it.



Tuition is only $2999 if you register early. (Tuition will increase by $200 if you miss the Early Registration deadline.) A $499 deposit is all that is required to hold your space and it goes towards your tuition. We offer monthly payment plans and do not charge any interest. We accept cash, check, money order, and credit card. (Note: A processing fee will apply for payment on credit card). Contact us for more information.


What you will learn

True FLOW Yoga meets the requirements to certify its graduates to register as
Registered Yoga Teachers at the 200 hour level (RYT-200) through Yoga Alliance, the only nationally recognized board of yoga training standards. In this training, students will learn:
  • Technique

    • Sanskrit and English names, benefits, contraindications, and proper alignment for over 100 yoga asanas (poses) 

    • Pranayama (breath exercises)

    • Vinyasas (sequences of breath and movement) 

    • Bandhas and Kriyas (energy locks and cleansing techniques)

    • Mantra/chanting

    • Meditation

  • Teaching Methodology

    • Principles of demonstration, observation, instruction, and assisting/correcting

  • Anatomy/Physiology

    • Western anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga 

    • Eastern energy anatomy and physiology (chakra/nadi system)

  • Philosophy, Ethics, and Lifestyle 

    • History of yoga 

    • Ethics of a yoga teacher

    • Yoga Sutras

  • Art of Yoga

    • Music

    • Sequencing

    • Verbal cues
    • Setting themes and intentions

  • Business of Yoga

    • Resumes and applying for a job

    • Promoting yourself (website, business cards, flyers)

  • Practicum

    • Designing and teaching your own classes

    • Observing other classes and giving feedback

True FLOW Yoga’s hope and goal is that every yogi who completes the program will leave with a profound knowledge of and reverence for yogic history and philosophy and, even more importantly, a deep awareness and gratitude for their own individual perfection and beauty.

Please contact us with any questions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Graduating teacher trainees Fall 2008


Testimonials from past Teacher Trainees

"Brynn's combination of positivity, a disciplined and advanced practice, and intelligence make her not only an inspiring yogi but also an excellent teacher.  She is not only passionate about yoga, her students and their practice, but is also able to convey the information required in an organized format that is interesting and enjoyable to learn.  I benefit in both my personal practice and knowledge of yoga through Brynn, and continue to learn from her and her outlook on life." ~ Suzanne Kiyomura, Fall 2009 Graduate, currently teaching yoga at Triad Yoga, Rough Fit, SunSpark, and The Sanctuary

“From the first time I took Brynn’s class, I was inspired to be a better yogi.  Brynn has a wonderful spirit which shines through as she teaches.  Her detailed cues, options for all levels, and soothing, encouraging voice have made me a better yoga student.  Thus choosing her True Flow Yoga Teacher Training was a “no-brainer” and an amazing experience.   Whether it was the Yoga Sutras, an arm balance, anatomy, or tadasana, Brynn not only explained every detail clearly but also gave assignments and opportunities for interaction that allowed each student to not just learn the material, but actually experience and apply it. Once I completed the training, I felt fully ready to teach.  Perhaps what has been even more amazing to me is Brynn’s continuous support and mentoring, not only during the training, but also following it.  She is a superb role model for her profession and whether you take her class or complete her training, you will be transformed.” ~ Heidi Lockhart, Fall 2010 Graduate, currently teaches at SunSpark

“True Flow Yoga teacher training is a comprehensive yoga training that teaches you how to create sequences in a step-by-step way, how to teach proper alignment, give thoughtful adjustments, and be a confident teacher by being yourself and finding your own unique style. Brynn's great personality makes her classes so much fun. This, however, does not take away from the value of her knowledge and impeccable information. I learned not only how to teach a yoga class and to be confident in it, but I also learned how to live a yogi lifestyle and Brynn is the perfect teacher by example. Her example makes her yoga teacher training unique to any other training out there. Brynn's teacher training course covered everything from basic alignment principles to in-depth ancient yoga philosophy. Her formal yet relaxed approach created the perfect environment to laugh, learn, and grow individually and as a group. I walked away with an even deeper love for yoga and those that walked the path before me and also with many beautiful new friends. I would recommend True Flow Yoga's teacher training course to anyone and everyone wanting to dive deeper into yoga and, even more importantly, into themselves.” Jacinthe Mitchell, Fall 2011 Graduate, currently teaches at Yoga Works, Laguna Yoga Shala, and Ritual Yoga


“I wanted to take a teacher training for a long time, but for some reason I didn't actually decide to go forward with it. One day I found Brynn's website and I took one of her classes, and right there I decided I was ready for it and signed up for the training! They say that when the student is ready the teacher shows up and I couldn't have a better teacher than Brynn! I feel so blessed to have her as my teacher. I not only learned so much from her during the training but I am still learning from her every time I take one of her classes. True Flow yoga teacher training not only improved my Yoga practice, but has opened a door that shows nothing but a path full of light!”~ Monica Espinosa, Fall 2009 Graduate, currently teaching at The Sanctuary


“Brynn Rybacek’s True FLOW Yoga teacher training was an amazing experience, partially due to the fact that the training was so intimate. I thought it was a much more dynamic learning environment because she takes only a few students at a time. I couldn't have asked for more and I learned exactly what I knew I needed... she delivers! Anyone looking to not only learn about yoga but also those who want to teach should go for it....it will really change you! ~ Damon Roberson, Spring 2010 Graduate, currently teaches yoga at The Pilates Studio and Yoga for Cyclists


 Teacher Training #3Graduating True Flow Yogis Spring 2010









"I have completed yoga teacher certification (RYT-200 hour) through Brynn's teacher training program. She gave me the opportunity to teach and share my yoga experiences with others. Her program is well organized, and she makes sure to create a non-intimidating environment. With a friendly and intimate group of six, I was able to learn so much in her training program. She made me understand how a class is viewed from an instructor's point of view, as well as from a student's point of view." ~ Misa, Fall 2009 Graduate, currently teaching yoga classes in both English and Japanese at The Sanctuary


"Four years ago, my doctor recommended that I begin yoga for my long time neck and shoulder pain. Yoga dramatically healed my pain. This gave me a desire for a deeper understanding of yoga. I didn't know the exact details of each pose until I took Brynn's teacher training course. I have never met a yoga instructor as good as Brynn. Brynn is always willing to share and give away everything she knows. Through the teacher training I gained confidence to lead others in yoga. I am currently leading a free yoga class at my church once a week. I highly recommend Brynn's course to anyone who wants to become a yoga instructor and/or simply have a deeper understanding of their practice." ~ Song Choi, Summer 2009 Graduate, currently teaching yoga at East Sarang Community Church in Chino, CA serving Korean Americans

"True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training was an exceptional experience that took my yoga practice to the next level—I was finally able to do a headstand, something I would never have been able to do on my own had it not been for Brynn’s guidance, patience, and technical expertise. Brynn brought over a decade of experience to the training, and when combined with her passion and dedication to the art of yoga, became a powerful force that propels her students to the next level of excellence. I highly recommend True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training to all who desire to improve their yoga practice, train to be a teacher, or simply to challenge themselves." ~ Mikhanh Pham, Winter 2012 Graduate


"Brynn is awesome! The teacher training was great, brought me many benefits and exceeded all my expectations!" ~ Lena Paolozzi, Spring 2010 Graduate

Graduating True Flow Yogis Summer 2009


“I have been practicing yoga for the past 12 years and I was lucky to be exposed to a bright light and astonishing yogini Brynn Rybacek. Brynn's teaching is truly inspirational, full of wise guidance, and encouragement. She is not just a skilled yogi- She is thoughtful in her approach to the art of teaching yoga. She is light and powerful in her own body, and you feel the confidence she brings in her teaching. Each week I reflect and grow as I listen to her words, and practice the asanas.” ~ Leila Esfandiari, Fall 2008 Graduate  

“The Yoga Teacher Training is an amazing experience! This experience exceeded my expectations and has impacted me the way I approach life. Brynn's teaching style is detailed and positive. Her style allows me to go deeper and farther into my practice, physically, mentally and spiritually.” ~ Vivian Tu, Fall 2009 Graduate

“True Flow’s Training was well-rounded and thorough, incorporating yoga philosophy, anatomy, and physical practice into an enhanced learning experience.  Brynn’s fervor and zeal builds confidence in her students by cultivating a practical, yet creative, learning environment, tailoring concepts and practicum to each individual so you never feel intimidated or judged.  I was able to move deeper into my own practice and have mastered some of the postures that I have been having trouble with for years.  She illuminates and ignites the yoga vision in each of her students, and helped me find strength within myself that I thought I lost long ago. She constantly cultivates a setting that is fueled by integrity, trust, and inspiration.  My training group was filled with amazing individuals; we still keep in touch and work with each other to this day, discussing philosophy, workshopping class ideas, and taking Brynn’s and each others’ classes.  Brynn is an inspiration, and her passion for teaching and yoga shines through with every moment of every class, both at True Flow and at the other studios she teaches at.” ~ Lindsey Scott, Fall 2013 Graduate 

"I experienced chronic musculoskeletal pain working full-time as a registered dental hygienist, and practicing yoga weekly significantly reduced my pain. Chronic pain is common in the dental hygiene profession and I knew I wanted to help other dental hygienists who experience chronic pain, and that's when I decided to pursue a yoga teacher training. My 200-hour yoga teacher training with Brynn was truly an amazing experience! Brynn keeps the class size small which is great because you get one-on-one attention. We also teach during each session, which gives us confidence to share our unique teaching style with other yoga students. The days and times of the training are convenient, especially if you work a full-time job. Brynn is a very patient, kind, and positive instructor that I am very proud to call my mentor." ~ Aubree, Spring 2011 Graduate, currently teaches at Seventh Chakra Yoga in Huntington Beach and also teaches classes to her dental hygiene students at West Coast University in  Anaheim 


 TFY Grads March 2011TFY Grads November 2011

I am deeply grateful and honored to have received training under Brynn Rybacek’s True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training. After 10 years of practice I took my first Certification at True FLOW. I really enjoyed the intimacy of this training. I am totally hooked and committed to my yoga practice even more now because of the depth of knowledge that was received. In this smaller setting it felt safe to open up to all the possibilities in the training, knowing I was really able to get hands on help in many aspects. Brynn’s knowledge, hard work, and training expertise really showed throughout the whole course and, of course, on the mat.” ~ Lisa Umbelina, Spring 2011 Graduate, currently teaches group classes at Big Canyon Country Club, Laguna Niguel Racquet Club, and La Costa Resort, and gives private yoga therapy sessions through her own company Pure Body Yoga

"True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training program led by Brynn was amazing - a thorough combination of study, practice, and integration in an intimate setting of only eight students. Brynn is extremely knowledgeable in the physical practice and philosophy of yoga, but it's her natural ability to thoughtfully guide and connect all the dots that sets this training apart from others. We learned and experienced yoga the right way - in multiple layers - much like peeling the layers of an onion adn the layers of your self. With Brynn's detailed focus on alignment, physical practice and study was eye-opening. I'm getting so much mileage from the adjustments and modifications I learned, not only how to apply it to others but for myself. Also really valuable was learning the best practices of teaching yoga and developing yourself as a teacher through Brynn's vast experiences - whether your plans are to teach in a studio, to friends and family, or simply teach yourself to go deeper into practice. Putting our teaching abilities into practice was great because we got to develop and lead two full classes, unlike other programs where you barely get to teach one. However, the most important part of this program to me was learning more about yoga philosophy and what it really means as we evolve in our practice. I'm so grateful to have had Brynn as a guide throughout this process and for the new friendships and community. I can't wait to start guiding others!" ~ Jeannie Lee, Spring 2013 Graduate


"Studying with Brynn not only improved my yoga practice, but brought the unparalleled gifts of focus and awareness to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of my life. Through the course of the teacher training, yoga became not just a physical activity, but an overwhelming force in my everyday life. I benefited immensely from the small, intimate size of the class and the comfortable, collaborative nature of the training. Thank you, Brynn, for helping me to realize my expanding potential as both a teacher and a student of the inspirational practice of yoga." ~ Annie Freeman, Summer 2009 Graduate, currently owns, operates, and teaches at her own studio The Archway Studio/Theatre and also teaches Mommy & Me and Kids Yoga classes at UCLA


TFY Grads April 2013 TFY Grads July 2012



“It is hard to put such a personal and transformational journey into words. I had never taken a class with Brynn before starting her teacher training. It was a leap of faith. But after reading other reviews and speaking with someone who had taken the training, I knew I was on the right path. I could feel it in my bones. As it turned out, I could not have picked a better program! The training I received at True Flow Yoga completely exceeded my expectations, which is no easy task! It was the perfect fusion of educational, spiritual and purposeful instruction. Brynn guides with precision and laughter, without ever making you feel self conscious. She is quite relatable even though she is a very advanced yogini. She is able to gain your respect as a teacher, but her warmth and lack of judgment make you feel like you are in the company of a friend. I believe Brynn to be an old soul that is as authentic, knowledgable and passionate about yoga as anyone I've ever studied under. She truly has a gift and a commanding, yet gentle presence as a teacher. To know her is to love her. She is an absolute light in this world. I was also fortunate to share the space with a beautiful group of like minded teacher trainees that I hope will be lifelong friends. At a minimum, you will deepen your asana practice and learn teaching techniques. But, if you are open to it, you will learn something much greater that will apply on and off your mat for a very long time to come. I could not have asked for more from a 200 hour TT program or the guidance I received. I feel privileged to have taken part in such a thorough and far-reaching experience. Without a doubt, I am forever changed, forever grateful.” ~ Jessica Landau, Winter 2014 Graduate



"I never thought that I would be able to teach yoga. I have always loved yoga and fitness, but as a natural introvert I never imagined that I would be able to take control of a class. After Brynn's training and the confidence that yoga has instilled in me, I not only can, but am excited by the opportunity to instruct. I felt that the small class size and individual attention that I received was key to my ability to deeply explore each asana and ask questions. I was also able to get hours of practice teaching in before even being certified which greatly boosted my confidence. Brynn is an extremely gifted teacher and yogi, and I was sad that the training had to come to an end." Sarah Hall, Spring 2012 Graduate, currently teaches at the charter school Opportunities for Learning



“Brynn has a patient, compassionate, and non-judgmental approach to teaching. Her emphasis on the journey that yoga embraces helped to keep me on track and remind me to exercise non-judgment in my own practice. Her depth of knowledge, both practical and of the mind and body, is wholly impressive. It was a privilege to receive her guidance and to practice with her. I have also gained an amazing friend in the process!” Cindy Jacobs, Spring 2012 Graduate, currently teaches at Sensui New Beauty



"The teaching certification is ancillary. Brynn's vast knowledge and experience provide serious students with a foundation for their practice to last a lifetime. Brynn is without a doubt the best yoga instructor in Orange County." ~ Kurtis Jon Linn, Spring 2013 Graduate


TFY #13 graduating class

“Thank you, Brynn. This course has been phenomenal. Prior to signing up for this course, I had taken your classes many times at The Sports Club/LA and Equinox. Your cues are so concise and precise and your asanas so magnificent that I expected to learn a lot about body mechanics, which is integral to the effective execution of Thai massage, the main purpose of my pursuit of yoga. What you gave us was so much more than just how to teach a class by giving exceptional cues! You taught us by example how to appreciate yoga, how to love your students, and how to live yoga philosophy. An additional bonus is that during this course, I experienced a small paradigm shift: I started to develop a massage theory of my own. And lastly but not least importantly, despite my feeling overwhelmed and awkward at times giving cues in front of the class, I am thinking of teaching “therapeutic” yoga by combining yoga and my expertise of massage & bodywork in my own personalized way. Just as you predicted at the beginning of the training, over the course of 3 months the classmates all became such wonderful friends! The course is demanding and at times a little overwhelming but we went through the challenges supporting one another -- what a great way of build a strong friendship! Despite the demanding content, we all enjoyed the course very much because of your outpouring of love for yoga and your ability to bring out the best in each of us. Thank you again, Brynn. You are the best!” Sakura Shibata-Pickford, Winter 2013 Graduate, currently running her own business HealingEnergy.MassageTherapy.com

"I am extremely grateful for my experience with the True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training program. Brynn RYbacek is a very knowledgeable and professional instructor and it's evident that she is passionate about what she does. The 200-hour training program deepened my asana practice, expanded my knowledge of history and philoopshy of yoga, and opened my eyes to new ways of living. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Originally, I attended the program to develop an understanding for all aspects of yoga, but now I have the confidence to teach professional and one day host my own yoga book club. Thank you Brynn!" Katie Jo Turk, Fall 2014 Graduate


"True Flow Yoga exceeded my expectations of a teacher training program. Brynn created an amazing course that empowered me to explore myself through personal practice and study as well as express my passion for yoga in my own way. The training is beautifully balanced between Western Medical ideas and Eastern spiritual philosophy and tradition., which satisfies the broad spectrum of student interests and approaches to yoga. Brynn';s authentic love for yoga practice and guiding her students is evident by the respect and nurturing attention she gives to each of her students individually. I am forever grateful to Brynn for inspiring me to be a happier person by being me, and revealing the tools within for me to access this space whenever my heart desires." ~ Ashley James, Spring 2012 Graduate

My experience with True Flow Yoga Teacher Training was better than I could have hoped for. There were many thoughtful considerations woven into the program. Unlike other programs that rush through the 200 hrs or fit it all in short time periods, True Flow holds class 2-4x per week guaranteeing that as a student I was daily thinking about my practice, new information provided and how to integrate it into my life for over 3 months. This allowed for greater saturation of themes and ideas. Teaching provided in the training expertly blends together the balance of asana practice, philosophy exploration, self study, breath and meditation. President of True Flow Yoga and Teacher Training instructor, Brynn Rybacek, presents material with skill and eloquence as well as holds her students' process of learning and development in an emotional cocoon of affection and support."  ~ Fawn Gonzales, LCSW, Fall 2014 Graduate





“I first met Brynn over ten years ago when I first started taking yoga.  I loved her classes and the energy she shared.  When I decided to explore teacher training I was so excited to find Brynn was teaching the training. The 200 hour teacher training with Brynn is life changing.  I was not sure exactly what to expect.  I just knew that it was time.  I was ready to continue on the journey. I feel so lucky to have had Brynn as my guide on the path.  She is intuitive, filled with knowledge and has the perfect balance of historical teachings translated into present day life application. I wish class wasn't over - honestly - I loved it.  Every minute, every class.  The door to a better way of living, feeling, breathing - has been opened. I am forever grateful for the experience I had in Brynn's teacher training and look forward to continuing to study with  her in the future classes, workshops and retreats. She is my guru.” ~ Beth Kawaja, Winter 2014 Graduate


"Wow, there's so much to say, I'm not sure where to begin. But I'll start off by saying Brynn's teacher training has enriched my life in so many ways. I am now happier, stronger physically and mentally, and I'm able to teach others what I love! Coming into Brynn's teacher training, I was looking to deepen my own personal practice and learn how to become a yoga teacher myself. Surprisingly, those aspects were only the beginning of what I began to discover. Brynn is amazingly patient, positive, and fun loving. She will guide you through the physical and mental aspects of yoga and also allow you to grow in your own personal way. That is a unique and rare quality that not many teachers possess. She will inspire you and guide you through your practice but also teach you to find your own path and pave your own yoga journey. I have also met a number of genuine people through this teacher training that I now hold dear to my heart and still keep in contact with. You will meet the most supportive and kind people during your training (including Brynn of course!) and also become a part of this amazing group of True Flow Yoga students. Thank you so much Brynn for all you've done for me and all you continue to do." ~ Gina Sutton, Winter 2013 Graduate


"I found out about TFY by going to Brynn's classes at LA Sports Club (now Equinox). I knew there was something magical about her when I took her class. I was waiting for the right timing to take teacher training to deepen my practice. As I am a shy person, I didn't want to be in a training class with over 15 people. Then I remembered True Flow Yoga! Brynn designed a well thought out program. If you're working full-time or have a family, this program is a good fit for your schedule. If you're looking for an intimate setting to meet and get to know 10 people, this program will allow you to do it. Brynn introduces what you need to learn and know week by week so the program is not overwhelming... it is like reading a book and you're looking forward to the next chapter! As I am a shy person and have a fear of public speaking, this training really helped me. The support from Brynn and the people in the program was absolutely AMAZING! Brynn is a gentle soul. I feel really fortunate to have taken her program and learned from her wealth of knowledge." ~ Loan Pham, Summer 2014 Graduate



Brynn's True Flow Yoga teacher training is FANTASTIC! I give it 5 stars! It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The small class size alone allows for such a higher ability to learn, because of the constant one-on-one with Brynn and easy bonding with the other classmates. Brynn is truly gifted, amazing, beautiful to watch, and very knowledgeable about all that she teaches (which is a lot)!  She is a graceful, kind, sweet spirit, full of fun surprises! True Flow Yoga teacher training changed my life. I came away with so much more than a certificate to teach yoga. My eyes and heart were opened to new and beautiful ways to see myself and the world around me. My own asana practice improved dramatically; I would say I jumped a few levels in my understanding and technique. I was able to keep up with the class while working a very demanding 40 hour a week day job. I left the class with the confidence to teach...., and within a couple weeks I booked my first teaching assignment with a real studio. I have taught there, and they asked me to teach again soon. I have since taught at another studio as well at which time one of the teachers there told me that she could tell I had excellent training (with Brynn),  by the way I teach. I highly recommend this program to anyone seriously interested in improving their practice and/or becoming a teacher.” ~ Carolyn Elise Liska, Fall 2012 Graduate, currently subbing at Sunspark Yoga and teaching a women’s-only yoga class at Self-Realization Fellowship Temple.



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True FLOW Yoga Teacher Training 


Now accepting applications for:


- Fall 2015 session:

Sept 15 - Dec 17, 2015

Classes meet on the following days:

  - Every Tuesday 6-10pm

  - Every Thursday 6-10pm

  - One weekend of each month on

 Saturday 9-5pm & Sunday 11-5:30pm

 * We will meet on the following weekend dates:

Sept 19 & 20, Oct 17 & 18, Nov 14 & 15, Dec 12 & 13


*** No class on Thanksgiving


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Classes are held at True FLOW Yoga located at 3848 Campus Dr., Ste. #114 in Newport Beach, CA.


In the pursuit of keeping class sizes small, space in these programs is limited. Contact Brynn at yogasurfergirl@gmail.com to sign up.