The April Inspiration is up late this month as I just arrived home from an extended trip, which included leading True Flow Yoga’s Yoga and Live Music Retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii. The place, the sounds, the people, and the spirit there were all absolutely incredible! Traveling is an opportunity to step outside of one’s usual environment and open oneself to new experiences. Along with all the advantages of travel also comes the upheaval of changing time zones, climates, diet, etc., which can be a bit disconcerting. As I voyaged from one adventure to the next, there were a lot of unknowns and many unpredictable circumstances.

In travel as in life, there is not much that we can count on in any absolute sense. One exception, however, is breath. As long as we are alive, by definition, we can depend on having breath and thus connecting to it in times of uncertainty is like embracing an anchor of stability. Pausing to focus on my breath is akin to standing directly in the eye of the storm: I am still aware of the chaos and the flux around me, but in the calm of my breath, there is stillness. Breath is a constant guide and companion to those who remember to notice it. No matter where we go, no matter what is happening around us, it is always there as a stable harbor. There is no specific technique necessary; just breathe.

What is a trip without bringing back a souvenir?  After teaching one of our afternoon yoga with live music classes on the retreat, the musicians decided to stay and jam for a bit.  The sound was beautiful and having not gotten a chance to practice myself that day, I rolled out my mat.  This video is a one-take, impromptu video shot by one of the retreat attendees. I hope you enjoy it!

PLAYLIST #7 The playlist this month is the DownTemple Dub:Waves album by Desert Dwellers. It is a beautiful collection of music that is wonderful to breathe and flow to.

 Playlist: Desert Dwellers - DownTemple Dub Waves

 Prana Shakti - Desert Dwellers

 Subterranean Sanctuary - Desert Dwellers 

 On Namo Bhagavate - Desert Dwellers 

 Misty Mountain - Desert Dwellers 

 Solar Prayers - Desert Dwellers 

 Bhodi Mandala - Desert Dwellers